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Christian Church in Makati Manila Philippines

Today is FORTIFY. In the next few hours, the LIVE VIBE CENTRALE will be the venue of The Rock Church’s 4th Anniversary. Many have sacrificed time, money, and effort to celebrate this milestone. This year’s title is FORTIFY, for we have been commanded by God to prepare for greater things in the near future. Who…


In our current series “BLESS THIS HOME”, we use the Beatitudes (spoken by Jesus in Matthew 5) as our basis of having a BLESSED HOME. The video below presents the “Introduction to the Sermon of the Mount” with sights, sounds, and text. Matthew 5:3-11 He (Jesus) said: 3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit,     for theirs…

video-its our time

A great video that supports The Rock Church’s THE LINE series. This video is a plea to today’s Church to take its rightful place as the steward of the gospel. We can no longer be restrained by either our excuses or sins. It’s our time to rise up and serve a watching world.

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