LOVE SEX CHURCH begins on February 3

The upcoming series “Love Sex Church” at The Rock Church Makati is perhaps one of the most controversial and challenging sermons I will be preaching to date.

The subject of love, marriage, relationships, and sex have always been a hot topic for people. What does the Bible say about it? What is God’s take on relationships and marriage? Does God think sex is filthy? How should the church behave itself towards sexuality and intimacy? And the questions go on and on.

Everyone has an opinion about it and the church seems to be either evading it or remaining silent. But not talking about it doesn't mean the issues will go away. In fact, the church should talk more about these issue based on the Word of God. If we say that we carry the truth, then why are we so quiet? God does have something to say.

Love sex church the rock church makati

Being the Lead Pastor of The Rock Church Makati since its inception, I have always put the welfare of the church in mind. Each Sunday, I have the opportunity to preach the truth, the gospel, and relevant issues. In this series, I get to do just that. It is my deep passion to prepare the people for ministry, to equip the congregation with the truth, and to live their days with greater conviction towards good.

Talking about marriage, relationships, and sex is never easy. But we need to talk about it because God's truth about these issues will set all of us free. The world has painted marriage, relationships, and sex with malicious brush strokes, which results to dysfunctional perception. It is time to set the records straight. Time for God to take the microphone and let the truth come out.


If you are a teenager with questions about relationship and sex, this series is for you. If you are a young adult asking how to find your “soulmate”, this series is for you. If you are a married couple who has lost that “love and feeling” and want it back, this series is for you.

LOVE SEX CHURCH will change the way you look at marriage, relationships, and sex. It hopes to set the record straight and let you walk the straight and narrow path. The teachings are not matters of opinion but matters of fact based on God’s word. Just a word of caution: You might get offended. You might feel uncomfortable. You might think it’s all about you. But if you yearn to make things right in your life, then let the Holy Spirit speak. If we truly seek the truth, then we need to face the issues head on. This is not to put a spotlight on the sinner but the sin.

See you starting this Sunday, February 3, at the St. Giles Hotel, Makati Avenue, Makati City. Services are at 10am and 2pm. Come as you are. All are welcome.